Welcome to PER

By - Jul 9, 2019


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A Hole Burned Through the Middle of Everything

By - Jul 3, 2019

The trick, she said, was not to let on that you were playing with people’s perception. She could spot a mark the second they stepped in, see the want all over their faces.

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Speech for Tommy’s Wedding, November 11, 2018

By - Jul 1, 2019

Through these arguments I came to a hard realization. Tommy, so far as I could tell, would not become more like me, or adopt my humanist concerns. Tommy didn’t think like me.

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By - Jun 17, 2019

I’m glad to be so far from industrious men
though still within the ken of their industry

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The Desolate Priest Boys

By - Jun 12, 2019

Summer camp is divided into two categories: the naked, sexy people, and the desolate priest boys. The naked, sexy people are thin and they have wide shoulders. Their asses are uncovered, round and attractive to all.

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Three Stories

By - Jun 10, 2019

He had black eyes and black pants and a black shirt. He tied her hands to the window and walked over the rope like a funambulist. “Without haste,” she said, lifting her belly.

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Four Poems

By - May 27, 2019

Four Poems from Rebekah Morgan’s new poetry collection, Hotel Alexander (House of Vlad, 2019)

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Japan’s Government Began Promoting Forest-Bathing in 1982

By - May 13, 2019

Collapse another year into novel.
You have become so mature and knowledgeable
Gabbling disjunctively about nutrition and diabetes
Mind muddled by emotional frustration.

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By - May 10, 2019

Fold your body over it for several hours
You will feel closer to it, closer to your Self,

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By - May 9, 2019

you dance. i don’t see it. “isn’t it so sad he died?” i asked my coworker, but i was accidentally smiling.

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By - Apr 29, 2019

She preferred the difficult nubs half-buried under the first layer of skin cells. To prematurely coax out a fated ingrown hair. That was special to her.

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The Couple

By - Apr 17, 2019

She threw her Thomas Bernhard books at him,
it took eight or nine minutes.

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